Sneeboer & Zn Garden Tools

Sneeboer & Zn Garden Tools
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Sneeboer & Zn Garden Tools

$44 - $199

Sneeboer & Zn Dutch tools are crafted in both traditional hand forged stainless steel and titanium.  They are created to last a lifetime by a family business with over 100 years of garden tool production.  Please call us for details and availability.

First Picture, Clockwise:
Perennial Spade $94
Hand Weeding Fork 3 Round Tines $59
Weeding Finger $39
Hand Hoe 4cm $59
Hand Cultivator 2T $59
Pottery Container Knife $109
Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style, 27cm Handle $84 (Monty Don)
Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style $74
Small Transplanting Trowel $59
Dandelion Trowel $49
Hand Cultivator 2T $49

Second Picture:
Kappe Trowel $59 - on left
top to bottom:
Greenhouse Cultivator $49
Hand Cultivator 3 prong $64
Wrotter $44
Hand Leaf Rake 7T $44
Tool Sharpener $44

Third Picture, Left to Right:
Dibber with steam bent handle $59
Hand Cultivator 3 prong $64
Dandelion Digger $39
Hand Hoe 4cm $59 - SOLD OUT, Hand Hoe 14cm is available - $64
Great Dixter Spade $94
Transplanting Hand Spade $94
Tissot Trowel $64
Transplanting Trowel half round $59
Flowerbed Trowel $59
Great Dixter Fork $99
Hand Garden Rake 5 Prong $64
Wrotter $44
Hand Leaf Rake $44
At bottom: Tool Sharpener $44, and Greenhouse Cultivator $49

Fourth Picture, Top to Bottom:
Weeding Fork 2T $79
Leaf Rake 20T $89
Diamond Push Hoe $99
Leaf Rake 7T $74
Cultivator 3T $94

Fifth Picture, Left to Right:
Great Dixter Trowel $59
Royal Dutch Hand Hoe $64
Dandelion Trowel V-Model $59
Weeding Fork 3 Prong $59
Weeding Trowel $59
Multi Shovel $64 - SOLD OUT
Bent Hand Cultivator $59
Planting Hoe $34 - SOLD OUT
Hand Leaf Rake 7 T $44 or *Luxe $49
Transplanting Trowel $59
Below, top to bottom:
Greenhouse Trowel $39 - SOLD OUT
Great Dixter Fork $99
Planting Trowel $69

Sixth Picture, Left to Right:
Weeder 2 Prong $69 - SOLD OUT
Border Fork 4 Prong $169 or *Luxe $174
Garden Rake 10 Prong $119 - SOLD OUT, Garden Rake 8 Prong is available - $109
Border Spade with Steps $169 or *Luxe $174
Edging Knife with Steps  SOLD OUT

Seventh Picture, Left to Right:
Stone Scratcher $89 - SOLD OUT
Royal Dutch Hoe $109
Bulb Planter $124 - SOLD OUT, Great Dixter Bulb Planter is available - $199
Weeding Finger $74

Eighth Picture, Left to Right:
Garden Rake 8 Prong $109
Edging Knife with Steps (wood handle) $149
Great Dixter Bulb Planter $199
Rose/Weeding Rake $94
Rose/Weeding Rake *Luxe $99
Transplanting Spade with Steps $164
Great Dixter Tickling Fork 3T $124
Cultivator 3T Small Model Luxe $99

Last Picture: Maintenance Kit $89

*Luxe - The Luxury Line has a new range of tools with a special shaped handle designed exclusively for gardeners with small hands. The fantastic feature of the Luxury border Spade is the fitted handle for a better grip for the smaller and delicate hands. The luxury border Spade is lighter and the blade is smaller and shorter then the "standard" spade, a difference of 300 grams, a much lighter tool.

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