To the Trade

Designer Guidelines

We offer trade discount pricing to Designers who can substantiate their businesses with a website, and/or a copy of their government issued certificate showing their EIN number.

  • The Trade Discount is only extended to qualified designers and is not transferrable to your client.
  • All Trade Discounted purchases must be paid for with a company credit card or company check.
  • Detroit Garden Works reserves the right to deny or reduce a discount.
  • Custom work from The Branch Studio is not eligible for a Trade Discount.
  • Please do not ask for a Trade Discount if you are shopping for your own home or garden.
  • As the designer, it is your responsibility to make determinations and decisions for your client and advise them of such.

If shopping IN STORE with your client, we ask for your cooperation:

  • The Designer must accompany his or her client throughout the entire process, without retail services of the staff, to be extended a trade discount. Retail customers receive retail services. Your client is your responsibility.
  • The Designer needs to arrange pick up or delivery of your purchases.