Lighted Steel Trees

Lighted Steel Trees
Detroit Garden WorksDetroit Garden Works

Lighted Steel Trees


These unique steel trees were designed by Detroit Garden Works and are locally fabricated. An uncomplicated but beautiful way to add light to an outdoor display or indoor decor. Spiked for use in containers or the ground, each with LED Lumineo lights. The manufacturer of the Lumineo lights recommends running these lights without a timer, as a timer may cause individual lights to short out. They take next to no energy to run, which makes a timer unnecessary.

3' $295   (size of tree - 44.75" tall at peak x 19" wide at the bottom)
5' $435   (size of tree - 66.5" tall at peak  x 25" wide at the bottom)
7' $575    (size of tree - 95.25" tall at peak  x 31" wide at the bottom)

Spiked base measurements:
3' - 12.5" x 8" (the tree is raised up from the base 6.5")
5' - 12.25" x 18.75" (the tree is raised up from the base 6.5")
7' - 16.75" x 24.25" (the tree is raised up from the base 6.5")

3', 5' spiked light trees have 8" spikes, 7' spiked tree has 10" spikes


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