Humble ONE LED Table Light

Humble ONE LED Table Light
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Humble ONE LED Table Light


An old-fashioned cozy light wherever you put it. There is no mood creator as warm and comforting as the traditional light bulb. This light is specially designed for outdoor use; the bulb is made of impact-resistant PET, which can withstand a fall.

Lamp $142
Remote Control $14.75
Wireless Charger $28

Material & environment
Base - aluminium
Cover - PBT
Bulb - impact-resistant PET
Seals - silicone
Weight - .69 lb
Waterproof - IP65 - Protection against rain

Technical specifications
Light source - E27 low-voltage bulb
Power - > 1W, 3V
Kelvin - 2200k
Dimmable - Candle 8 lumen, Ambient 16 lumen, Work 43 lumen
Control - Toggle switch on bottom of base
Battery capacity - 4000 mAh / 3.7V
Battery life - Candle 140 hours, Ambient 80 hours, Work 40 hours
Charging - Wirelessly (qi standard) or via cable (USB-A to USB-C cable included)
Charging time - Cable: up to 4 hours, Wireless: up to 6 hours (with 10W adapter, available in our shop)
Adapter (not included) - 5V 2A (= 10W, recommended), 5V 3A (= 15W, max)

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