Japanese Folding Saw

Japanese Folding Saw
Detroit Garden Works

Japanese Folding Saw


The perfect pruning saw for regular use in the garden - for thinning shrubs, pruning fruit trees and other meatier jobs that secateurs or loppers can’t handle. With a chunky, sturdy rubber handle and 8" blade that easily cuts branches up to around 2.75" diameter, this is the ideal size to carry with you at all times.

As with all Japanese saws, it has a narrow blade for efficient sawing, and cuts on the pull stroke - go easy, and don’t twist or snag the blade. Pruning is not about strength or energy, it’s about care - positioning, precision and rhythm, about feeling what you’re doing, responding to the situation, rather than bulldozing through.

.49 lb
17 x 2 x .6"
8.27" blades
Max cut diameter 2.75"
8.47 teeth per inch
Impact Hardened SK-4 Steel
Rubber handle
Made in Sanjo, Japan

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