Hoff Pot

Hoff Pot
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Hoff Pot

$15 - $170

These terracotta pots are designed in Denmark and handmade in northern Italy by Bergs Potter. A saucer is included with each pot.

– Hoff –
“The stackable, cylindrical Hoff Pot, designed by graphic designer Anne Hoff. First class raw terracotta allowing the roots to breathe and the plant to thrive, while the hand dipped saucers in luscious deep glazes adds a refreshing splash of color.” – Bergs Potter

The main pot is available in raw grey or raw rosa.  Saucer choices in stock - raw grey, raw rosa, emerald glazed, pearl grey glazed, and rusty red. Quartz rose glaze is not available.

small - 3.25″ diameter x  4.25″ tall
medium - 5.5″ diameter  x  7″ tall
large - 7" diameter x 9.25" tall
xl - 11.75" diameter x 10.5" tall

Mix and match the raw pot with saucers in both raw and glazed.

small with raw saucer - $16.00
small with glazed saucer - $27.00
medium with raw saucer - $38.00
medium with glazed saucer - $49.00
large with raw saucer - $66.00
large with glazed saucer - $81.00
x-large with raw saucer - $155.00
x-large with glazed saucer - $185.00

glazed emerald cachepot 7.25" diameter x 8.75" tall, no drain hole and no saucer - $95

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