French Harvesting Baskets

French Harvesting Baskets
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French Harvesting Baskets

$48 - $178

These harvesting baskets are handcrafted in France by the last company to hold the unique know-how. The heir to this traditional know-how in weaving wire since 1923, is now established in Martigné-Ferchaud, near Rennes. Aude has the skill that three generations have passed on, adapting it to the needs and tastes of the time.

The woven iron basket was once dedicated to all crops and in particular to the harvest of apples for cider in Normandy. Whether for harvesting mushrooms, storing fireplace logs, or simply to put fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, these baskets will find their place in your home. Made of single twist galvanized iron wire mesh with a beech wood handle.

Raised handles (height is with handles)
9 w x 13 l x 8" tall  $48
10.75 w x 17 l x 12" tall  $58
13.5 w x 22.25 l x 14" tall  $68

Intrinsic handles
17 w x 23.5 l x 7.75" tall  $128
18.25 w x 26.75 l x 9.25" tall  $148
21 w x 32 l x 11" tall  $178



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