The Branch Studio Steel Spheres

The Branch Studio Steel Spheres
Detroit Garden Works

The Branch Studio Steel Spheres

$1,450 - $3,500

Branch Steel Spheres are available in both strap steel and rod steel. The 5.5' diameter strap steel sphere is fabricated from HPRO- hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel. The straps are 3/4" wide, and 1/8" thick. The straps are welded at the main axes, and then secured by hand with over 400 3/16" steel rivets at every juncture. The smaller spheres are fabricated from 1/2" wide by 3/4" thick steel, and riveted with 1/8" steel rivets. These spheres are as close to perfectly spherical as we can make them. Our galvanized and patinated finish is as close to rust proof, weather proof, and maintenance free as any finish we have ever seen on steel garden ornament.
Branch Strap Steel Spheres
3' diameter sphere      42lbs   $2,900
4.5' diameter sphere  111lbs   $3,200
5.5' diameter sphere  142lbs  $3,500

Branch Rod Steel Spheres
The Branch rod steel spheres are fabricated from cold rolled steel from 5/16" diameter rod for the largest spheres, and 1/8" thick rod for the smaller versions. These spheres are welded. They are finished in the same manner as the strap steel spheres.
2' diameter sphere    28lbs   $1,450
3' diameter sphere     41lbs   $1,650
4.5' diameter sphere  61lbs   $1,950
5.5' diameter sphere  89lbs   $2400

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