Steel Scroll Furniture

Steel Scroll Furniture
Detroit Garden Works

Steel Scroll Furniture

$450 - $3,200

This English Made Steel Scroll Furniture is unique in its combination of elegant style and extraordinary comfort. Carefully shaped to provide support for your back and head, a great place to close your eyes and relax in your garden. Combine your bench with a matching coffee table and you will have an ideal set up for your morning coffee. This beautiful furniture has appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Each piece is hot dip galvanized which protects from the elements and prevents rust. The galvanized layer offers not only weather protection but also a texture, which is unique to each item. Applied to the galvanized layer is a lead grey finish. The lead grey finish is a classic etched galvanized color with hints of copper from the sulphate solution used to etch the surface.

The finish needs time to weather naturally. At first you may notice a white dust on the surface. This can either be wiped off gently outside with a cloth or just left to wear off as the item is used. Any small blemishes and imperfections are characteristic of a galvanized finish and only serve to add character to your item.

We recommend that pots or vases are not left on tables for the first few months to allow the whole table top to weather evenly.

These pieces are made by one of the UKs leading designers and producers of iron furniture. Nothing is mass produced and every care is taken to craft individual items to the highest standards with a finesse that shows each piece is special.

3 seater bench 31" depth x 65" length x 36.75" height; 119.1 lbs  $3200
2 seater bench 31" depth x 47.25" length x 36.75" height; 89.7 lbs  $2700
chair 22" depth x 31" depth x 36.75" height; 50.5 lbs  $1600
large coffee table 27.75" depth x 39.5" length x 13.25" height; 45.8 lbs  $2100
small coffee table 22.125" depth x 27.75" length x 13.25" height; 27.5 lbs  $1100
footstool 16" depth x 18" length x 7.25" height; 11.3 lbs  $450

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