Nichols Bros. Essex Bowl

Nichols Bros. Essex Bowl
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Nichols Bros. Essex Bowl


In Europe, dry cast stone has been around for centuries and has proven to be a quality, durable and most attractive alternative to other materials. The nature of cast stone gives it a number of advantages for use in the garden and architectural applications, such as its propensity to age and patina like natural stone. This dry cast limestone vase is manufactured by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks. Please call for current availability or ordering information.

This simple cast stone bowl would be striking in any modern or contemporary garden.

Available in three sizes.  Direct ship prices do not include shipping costs, allow approx. 4-6 weeks for delivery. Call for details.

Small 28" diameter, 100  lbs.  $258 direct ship; $325 in stock
Medium 36" diameter, 220 lbs.  $479 direct ship; $598 in stock
Large 48" diameter, 450 lbs.  $815 direct ship; $1020 in stock

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