MagniMoist Planter Inserts

MagniMoist Planter Inserts
Detroit Garden Works

MagniMoist Planter Inserts

$1.89 - $6.29

Set MagniMoist soil hydrating fiber inserts below the potting soil to explode the plant color and encourage strong roots. Simply measure the bottom of your pot and select from the sizes below.

4″ – $1.89
5″ – $2.29
6.5″ – $3.69
8″ – $3.79
10″ – $6.29

“MagniMoist inserts are placed in the bottom of flower pots. MagniMoist doesn’t let water escape from your pot until your plant is completely hydrated. When you water, MagniMoist’s smart natural fibers deflects water back into the dry soil above it. Then when the soil is fully saturated, the fiber becomes porous and releases only the excess water. Proven to outperform old fashioned coco liners. 4″ inserts fits pot with 4″ bottom.” – MagniMoist

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