Lumineo LED Cherry Lights

Lumineo LED Cherry Lights
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Lumineo LED Cherry Lights


For use outdoor and indoor. Available in a warm white, this light is eco-friendly with low energy consumption. Advertised life span of 50,000 hours or ten years. Light arrangement on the string - approximately one light every three inches, with even spacing, includes three sizes of bulbs. Both sizes listed come with a 16.4' or 16.5' un-lit lead. Listed below is the lighted length. Available in two sizes and your choice of black cord or silver cord.

29.5' strand with 120 light count - $39
59' strand with 240 light count - $69

This item is part of our LED Lights "Mix-and-Match" Sale. Mix and Match any combination of LED Lights and receive the discounts below:
4 or more, save 10%
8 or more, save 15%
12 or more, save 20%

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