Julie Pot

Julie Pot
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Julie Pot


These terracotta pots are designed in Denmark and handmade in northern Italy by Bergs Potter. These containers are indoor and outdoor, as the clay is fired at a very high temperature, giving the pots strength and a silicone treatment makes the saucers completely waterproof. The high density of the clay makes the pots frost resistant. A saucer is included with each pot.

Julie - Less is More -
"The Julie pot was originally created by designer Ninetta Mariani in Milano in 1960, based on the belief that true perfection is achieved, when there is nothing left to take away." - Bergs Potter

Available in Rosa and Grey.

2.5" diameter at top x 2.5" tall - $10
3" diameter at top x 3"tall - $11
4"diamter at top x 3" tall - $15
4.7" diameter at top x  3.9" tall - $18
5.5" diameter at top  x  4.7" tall - $23
6.7" diameter at top  x  6" tall - $33
8.3" diameter at top  x  7.5" tall - $52
9.8" diameter at top  x  8.3" tall - $68
11.8" diameter at top x 9.5" tall - $112 (outdoor)
15.7" diameter at top x 13" tall - $215 (outdoor)

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