English Hand Forged Five Cup Birdfeeder

English Hand Forged Five Cup Birdfeeder
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English Hand Forged Five Cup Birdfeeder


Handmade in Herefordshire, England by Neil Lossock. This is the five cup birdfeeder measuring 24" in width and approximately 74" in height. Each feeder may be slightly different in height or width due to the handmade nature.

From Neil Lossock:
I started my career as a blacksmith in 1988 in Hereford. In 1994 I became a tutor at Hereford College of Technology later moving to the new National School of Blacksmithing at Holme Lacy, just outside Hereford. During this time, I also set up my own business, Dragonswood Forge, in the quiet beauty of East Herefordshire.

My time as a tutor led to my involvement with the Three Counties Blacksmithing and Farriery Committee. Having served as Chair for several years, I am now Chief Steward, a role that keeps me firmly in touch with the grass roots of the craft.

I have always enjoyed studying botanical form and structure. I began to experiment early on, using steel as my medium, to create naturalistic interpretations of my favourite large and interesting plant forms. Starting with ferns, I moved onto cardoons, teasels and artichokes. I have developed my portfolio of plant forms over the years to include, for example, irises, chrysanthemums and roses. It is important to me, when designing and making the sculptures, that they are as close to the “original” as possible.

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