Daisy Pot

Daisy Pot
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Daisy Pot


These terracotta pots are designed in Denmark and handmade in northern Italy by Bergs Potter. These containers are indoor and outdoor, as the clay is fired at a very high temperature, giving the pots strength and a silicone treatment makes the saucers completely waterproof. The high density of the clay makes the pots frost resistant.

Daisy - Stellar Structures -

"When we think of Daisy, we think first and foremost of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II. Among Danes, it is an open secret that since a little princess, her close family and friends call the Queen by the pet name Daisy. This pot embodies the strength, elegance, and classical lines of the queen. The name and design of the series also refer to the family of the perennial daisies – a gracious and eternal flower. And so, our Daisy collection represents both the Queen of Denmark and a flower favourite to many." - Bergs Potter

9.8" diameter at top x 5.1" tall - $62


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