Curve Bench

Curve Bench
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Curve Bench

$2,900 - $5,300

Bench in solid scented cedar machined from a single block, characterized by the arched shape below the seating surface which enhances the veins and shades of natural cedar. These benches are made from fallen raw cedar, not actively cut. Made in Italy from cedar of Lebanon.

A refined collection of cedar that, outside and as time passes, change color into dove gray. These products are made of solid wood and are completely natural and hand finished, without other treatments; further movements.

47.2" l x 14.4 x 17.7 tall  $2900
70.9" l x 14.4 x 17.7 tall  - Call for availability
94.5" l x 14.4 x 17.7 tall  $5300

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