Cork Burl Bowl

Cork Burl Bowl
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Cork Burl Bowl

$135 - $325

Cork is found on the Iberian Peninsula in vast planted groves. It is a renewable material. Harvested every 9 years, the bark re-grows. The interior surface of the bark is impermeable and anti-bacterial, hence food safe. The best market for cork is the wine industry, many other products are made from cork.  Dense and non-absorbent it is ideal for use in garden, bath, and kitchen environments. Use warm water to clean. Left outside it will "silver" but otherwise no harm will come to it. Cork products come from Portugal.

med 12" w x 15.5" x 6" tall  $135 (sold out)
lg 10-15" w x 24" l x 6" tall  $245
rounder lg 18" dia x 6" tall  $245
xl 14" w x 20-29" x 5.5" tall  $325
rounder xl 21" dia x 15" tall  $325

sizes approx. - nature dictates variance

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