Barebones Tools

Barebones Tools
Detroit Garden Works

Barebones Tools

$23 - $29.99

These tools are constructed with ergonomic, heat-treated stainless steel and comfortable walnut handles: a duo worthy and capable of a lifetime of use.

Japanese Weeding Hoe
Inspired by old-world Japanese design, the Weeding Hoe offers unmatched dexterity and precision with a razor-sharp edge that easily slices and removes weeds from just under the soil surface. Ideal for quickly severing the weed's root system effectively in your garden or flower beds.
4.5" w x 13" tall  $29.99

Triangle Hoe
Plant. Weed. Cultivate. The Triangle Hoe is an ideal multi-purpose tool for both the novice and expert gardener alike. Use the pointed tip to quickly plant seeds and bulbs and to remove thick, grassy weeds in one smooth chop. Turn it on its side to scrape away invasive weeds and cultivate the soil.
6" w x 13" tall  $29.99

The Garden Trowel works quickly and comfortably through both soft soil and rough ground. Ideal for digging, turning, and spreading soil, prepping beds, and planting seedlings.
3" w x 13.5" tall  $23

The robust tines of the Cultivator rake through dense, rocky soil and remove weeds with ease. Its strong handle makes for comfortable clearing and grooming, while its stainless steel tines ensure years of heavy and efficient use.
3.25" w x 14.25" tall  $29.99

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