Shatterproof Bulbs

Shatterproof Bulbs
Detroit Garden WorksDetroit Garden WorksDetroit Garden Works

Shatterproof Bulbs

$6.95 - $17.95

This listing is for the shatterproof bulbs available in wool white, pistachio, ginger brown, and pearl. New for this season, these bulbs have been imported from the UK. The lighted garland in this photograph is also available for $625.

box 6 bulbs (a mix of 3 shiny and 3 matte), 3.1" $8.95
box 4 bulbs (a mix of 2 shiny and 2 matte), 3.9" $11.95
bag with 1 bulb (shiny), 5.5" $6.95
bag with 1 bulb (shiny), 7.9" $17.95


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