Nolar Seat/Table

Nolar Seat/Table
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Nolar Seat/Table

$750 - $1,050

Information from We Are All Collage:

The Nolar Collection is an outdoor/indoor furniture collection - and unlimited series, as we believe in the object-as-art, in the capacity of objects to enhance our everyday experiences and senses. The collection, inspired by garden furniture vernaculars, embodies playfulness and flexibility. It doubles as seating and table and can be enjoyed outdoors as well as indoors. Every piece is customized, which allows for playful variation in their appearance and perception.

The collection is designed and fabricated in Detroit, MI by the interdisciplinary architecture/art/design research studio We Are All Collage. A portion of each sale contributes to our studio's spatial-climate design research to help protect our shared natural resources and habitats today and in the future.

Height: Varies 17" to 18.5, Width: 17" to 18.5", Depth: 17" to 18.5
Weight: Varies
Each item is customized with some dimensional variation to create play when multiples are arranged and provide comfort for different body types.

Hardwood: Mahogany, Oak $1050
Softwood: Cedar, Pine $750
Custom: Ask for details

The white oak and cedar (in stock now) have a gray ecological, non-toxic, stain that will not peel, does not need re-coating and will weather and age beautifully.

Mahogany and pine, which customers might be interested in (not here in stock at the moment) - to keep them preserved, they require yearly maintenance (mahogany: clear spar urethane coating;  pine: clear polyurethane coating).



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