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Home County Co. Candles
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Home County Co. Candles


The original county candle company, hand-poured, vegan friendly soy candles named after, and inspired by, your favorite UK destinations. Rekindle the memory with heartfelt, soy wax wooden wick candles to remind you and your loved ones of home, or of precious holidays on the beautiful British Isles.

The Bedfordshire - Honey + Nectar Fruits
top: Honey, Tobacco, Citrus
heart: Sandalwood
base: Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli

The Worcestershire - Black Pear + Freesia
top: Bergamot, Lemon, Pear
heart: Magnolia, Orchid, Rose, Muguet
base: Musks, Dry Amber, Patchouli

The Orkney Islands - Seaweed + Samphire
top: Fig Leaves, Bergamot, Cardamom
heart: Violet Leaf, Jasmine
base: Salted Cypress, Musk, Cedarwood

The Lincolnshire - Lily of the Valley
top: Green Leaves
heart: Buttercup, Lily of the Valley, Muguet
base: Green Clover, Rose, Privet

The Shropshire - Sweet Pea
top: Sweet Pea, Rose, Hyacinth
heart: Exotic Jasmine
base: Precious Warm Woods, Vanilla

The Surrey - English Lavender + Chamomile
top: Coconut, Peach
heart: Lavender, Lilac, Chamomile
base: Cedarwood, Vanilla

The Suffolk - Amber + Sweet Orange
top: Amber, Sweet Orange
heart: Incense
base: Musk

The Dorset - Seaweed + Juniper
top: Lemon, Orange Zest, Bergamot
heart: Juniper, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Pine
base: Jasmine, Geranium Petals, Musk, White Cedarwood

The Highlands - Heather + Gorse
top: Scottish Heather
heart: Bergamot
base: Blue Cypress, Precious Woods

The Somerset - Apple + Fresh Fig
top: Green Apple, Fig
heart: Sage, Rosemary
base: Moss, Amber

The Cornwall - Rock Salt + Driftwood
top: Coastal, Seaweed
heart: Cyclamen, Waterlily
base: Driftwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk

- 45 hour burn time
- 100% natural, bio-degradable soy wax candle
- Vegan friendly candle
- Wooden crackle wick candle
- Hand-poured in the UK

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