Handmade Swedish Brushes

Handmade Swedish Brushes
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Handmade Swedish Brushes


These brushes are made by a long-standing Swedish brush-maker. Each brush is handmade by visually impaired craftsmen. Whether it is a scrubbing brush, a broom or a pan brush, the bristle has been carefully selected for just that type of cleaning. The wood has been shaped and oiled for comfort. Use these brushes over and over, they have been made to last.

Broom with a short handle in birch wood and bassine, 8" w x 29" tall - $21

Round pan brush in maple and union mixture. Suitable for tougher cleaning such as pans and pots, but can also be used as a general scrub brush, 5" x 3.75" tall - $28
Small round pan brush, 4" x 3" tall - $22

Pan brush in birch and union mixture. This brush is perfect for tougher cleaning such as pots and pans. This brush is also an excellent brush for cleaning flower pots, 3" x 5" tall - $22 (currently sold out)

The scrubbing brush is an all-round brush for heavier cleaning that can be used both for indoor and outdoor jobs. A version of the classic scrubbing brush but with a convenient handle. Handmade brush in beech with bristles of union blend, 8.25" x 3" tall - $23 (currently sold out)

Beautiful handmade mushroom knife for mushroom hunting in the forest. Made of birch, stainless steel and with natural bristles made of horsehair. Ideal for both mushroom picking and for cleaning mushrooms. The knife has a grip-friendly handle and is an effective but soft brush. This tool comes nicely packaged in a paper tube, 7.5" x  .75" - $28

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