English Birdhouse One Tier

English Birdhouse One Tier
Detroit Garden Works

English Birdhouse One Tier

$148 - $178

These English bespoke birdhouses are made using reclaimed pine and have a hand finished “shingle” roof.  Comes ready to hang on a wall, a tree or any flat surface. With one tier and an attic hole, two of these houses have the same small hole at the top which measures 1.25" in diameter and the lower hole size changes with each of the three graduated sizes, see below.

small - 14.5" w x 10" deep x 15.5" tall, 3.5" x 2 3/8" lower hole   $148
medium - 16" w x 12" deep x 17.5" tall, 4.25" x 3" lower hole   $168
large - 20.25" w x 14" deep x 20.75" tall, 5.5" x 2 3.5" lower hole   $178  (top round hole is 1.5" dia.)

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