Bert Plant & Seedling Stands/Tables/Carts

Bert Plant & Seedling Stands/Tables/Carts
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Bert Plant & Seedling Stands/Tables/Carts

$550 - $650

The Bert Collection is an outdoor/indoor collection and unlimited series designed and fabricated in Detroit, MI by the interdisciplinary architecture/art/design research studio We Are All Collage. The collection celebrates a gardener who weaves nature inside and outside; conceptualizes natural processes and time by pairing red cedar with galvanized steel, materials that change at different rates; and offers a flexible approach to plant stand usage. An inset galvanized steel tray can be used to display plants, cocktails or everyday cookware and can be flipped (& drilled) and used as a seedling bed - or be removed entirely and enjoyed as a table. The 15" Bert can also serve as a coffee table, while the higher stand can be enjoyed in vestibules, dining rooms and other such spaces for entertainment and movement, continuously or seasonally. A cart (wheels) option provides further flexibility and movement between interior and exterior spaces.

Each sale contributes to We Are All Collage's spatial-climate research to help our shared natural resources and habitats.

Typical Dimensions*
Height: 15" or 30", Width: 27 and 5/8", Depth: 27 and 5/8"
Weight: Varies
*Custom dimensions available and heights vary with cart option (wheels)

Red Cedar, Galvanized Steel (Removable Top/Pan)
Custom: Ask for details

15" - $550
30" - $650, please call for availability

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