“At The Artisan’s Table”

“At The Artisan’s Table”
Detroit Garden Works

“At The Artisan’s Table”


This newly published book from Vendome Press, “At The Artisan’s Table”, is an exceptionally beautiful book that would make a perfect gift to anyone for whom great design is a way of life. Designers and authors Jane Schulak and David Stark celebrate the opportunity for an expression of beauty at that place where friends and families gather to eat, converse, and live - the dining table.

There are those who posit that some of the most important exchanges between people have for centuries taken place at the table. Parents teaching children all manner of things from an early age over potato pancakes. Families celebrating holidays and significant personal events. The most ordinary day to day exchanges which build, and eventually speak to culture. We believe their design work is memorable for its depth, patience, and originality.

We do not ordinarily offer books for purchase to our clientele, but we are making an exception for this book.  “At The Artisan’s Table” is a sincere and serious effort that parallels and recalls our love and respect for great design.

Signed copies are $70.00 each, plus shipping.

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